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                                                         Other Services

We offer more than windows/doors, secuirty, shower screens or patios. We can also provide services for display cases, reptile enclourse, as well as installing sliding robe doors, office partitions, glass pool fencing and balustrade (aluminium, wire rope). We can supply and install decorative casting for gates and balustrade. 


We have brochures for these products at our office also.

Office Partitions


Our office partitions are easy to install.


No painting is required as we use laminated panelling. Colour is choosen by the customer from our colour swatch.

We can install a small sliding window into a partition or we can install obscure glass into the partition for extra lighting but allowing office workers to have privacy.




We can install different balustrade around a new or existing patio or deck including the handrails for the steps.

Balustrade can be powdercoated Aluminium, wire rope, decorative castings or glass

*At this house we erected the patio roof & installed the balustrade. We made the balustrade panels at our workshop and transported them to Millmerran.

Display Cases, Reptile Enclosures, Fish Tanks


We can also custom make display cases, reptile enclosures or fish tanks.


Our display cases are made with Clear View Glass. 

Our reptile enclosures are made to customer measurements. We can use glass or polycarbonate. 

Fish tanks are also made to customer measurements.

* Display case in the photo travelled back to Brisbane

Wardrobe Doors

Robes can be two (2) or three (3) doors.

Robe doors can be all the one colour (customers choice) or we can install mirror to one or more doors. 


We have a colour swatch at our office for you to choose a suitable colour for the intsert and frame of the robe doors.

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