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                                                          GLASS and MIRROR

 We stock the standard clear glass in different thicknesses as well as laminated glass. We can order in different colours and patterns as required. We can also order in toughened glass cut the size. 

We make and install shower screens. Either sliding or pivot doors. Showers can also be semi frameless or frameless.

We can do mirrors in frame, semi frameless or frameless. 

We have more information avaliable at our office. 

Glass Doors - Hinged, Sliding, Bi-Fold or Stacking


Existing timber doors can be removed and replaced with aluminium doors. 


Glass can be Clear, Grey or Obscure.


Aluminium frame for doors will be powdercoated to suit the existing exterior colour.


Doors can be single or double doors, Bi-fold or Stacking doors. We can install or we can also offer a supply only option. 






We can replace current windows (cottage style timber push out or wooden double hung) to new sliding aluminum windows.

We can do double hung aluminium windows also.

We can install or we can do a supply only.

Glass can be Clear, Grey or Obsured.

 Window Walls

Around a Patio we are able to install window walls. Each of the walls can have an Aluminium sliding window.


Fly or security screens can be fitted at the same time or at a later date.


Colour can match existing house colours.


Let the cool air flow through your home while keeping the flies and mosquitos out during summer. Perfect for the winter mornings where the sunshine warms up the room.

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